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World Class Hospitality to Create the Best

World class hospitality to create the best

About us

It was started with the idea of sustainability of the hospitality industry in the future, in line with the manpower needs in business sectors that required strong individual skills, The Amithya Institute was established to produce such required man power as well as to bridge the job seeker to meet their future dream job.

As the hospitality industry constantly evolving, Amithya Institute provides the finest hospitality education to ensure the young talents of hospitality are ready to make a substantial role to the hospitality industry. The program of Amithya Institute provides modern curriculum combines with hands-on hospitality experience that develops and shapes students into professional hospitality graduates. 

“Education is one of the gateways to the future for those who prepare for it today.”

- Rucita Permatasari
CEO of Amithya hotels & Resorts

Why us

the best hospitality program

  • Advance hospitality program with 30% of theory and 70% practice.
  • Practical work experience at the hotel.
  • The first Hotel System Curriculum in Surabaya.
  • Exclusive class with the latest hospitality curriculum.
  • Letter of recommendation for work.
  • Career opportunities at Amithya Hotel International.
  • Gain special knowledge of expert teacher.
  • Hospitality English class.
  • Various specialization possibilities at hospitality industry.

Our Service

Practical professional teachers

Training institution with relevant study curriculum and syllabus

Learning about hospitality directly at the Hotel

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