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Institut Amithya is a course and training institution for academic education and skills development in the hotel and tourism sector. The program of Institut Amithya provides curriculum with digital-based learning process combines with hands-on hospitality experience.

As the hospitality industry constantly evolving, Institut Amithya provides the finest hospitality education to ensure the young talents of hospitality are ready to make a substantial role in the hospitality industry and we commit to develop students into professional hospitality graduates and professionals.

Institut Amithya is collaborating with Amithya Hotels & Resorts located in Java, Bali, Papua, and other multi-national and international hotels and resorts across the globe.

“Education is one of the gateways to the future for those who prepare for it today.”

- Rucita Permatasari
CEO of Amithya hotels & Resorts

Why Institut Amithya

  1. Intensive 3-month online theory class and 9-month internship class at 3 to 5-star hotel in Indonesia & abroad.
  2. Modern and digital learning method using Instan Aja apps.
  3. Get theory & practical class of Hotel System, the first Hotel System Curriculum in Indonesia.
  4. Exclusive English Hospitality class.
  5. Institut Amithya graduation certificate.
  6. Internship certificate from 3 to 5-star hotel.
  7. Exclusive table manner class and certificate.
  8. Exclusive beauty & handsome class and certificate.
  9. Get free ATM Card & bank account.

1-year hotel management study program

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